Thursday, May 19, 2005

Trump Reveals Twin Towers Rebuild Plan...

...and I'm underwhelmed. First, I don't pretend to be an expert on architecture, but books and documentaries about the old WTC buildings are all in agreement that the building's design led to many unnecessary fatalities on that terrible September day. However, it was that very design (the elimination of a fire stairwell, centralized stairs elsewhere, the sky lobby elevator concept - all of which allowed for an open floor plan) that made the building economical.

The problem is, the bigger the building, the more space is taken up by elevators. Admittedly, the articles I read on Trump's plan are all short, general pieces like this one. Unless Trump had some new brilliant architectural insight, though, I don't see how he can propose two similar buildings with any degree of seriousness.

Of course, the other HUGE problem is that Trump is not a stakeholder anymore than you and I are (although, on some level, we are all stakeholders -see my previous proposal here). Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority, along with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, will make the final decision, and Silverstein's not buying in to Trump's vision. Not everyone agrees with my assessment, of course - for a more enthusiastic reception to Trump's plan, see here and here.

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