Sunday, May 15, 2005

Frank Rich: The Return of the Pit Bull

Today's offering from the loathsome Frank Rich pays a visit to the shadowy world of Republicans, only to find we are all closet homosexuals who hate gay people (thus, ourselves). Rich is the master of the wild generalization. His technique is to find one or two people on the right who engaged in some vile act, then smear all conservatives with the same brush. Using the same technique, I could accuse Rich of giving aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Well, Jane Fonda did it, right? And she was surely liberal; therefore Rich did it, too.

There is a HUGE difference between supporting gay marriage through judicial fiat and being opposed to active discrimination against gay people, but Rich doesn't see it. He labels it a 'sham', and assures us that Republicans opposed to judicial activism are motivated entirely by anti-gay animosity. How can he be so sure? Why, using his patented technique described above. Some Republicans wanted judges to get involved in keeping Terry Schiavo alive; therefore, we're all hypocrites who don't have a clue as to the complexities of the legal system

Rich, like his colleague MoDo, doesn't write thoughtful pieces, or genuine editorials aiming to influence anyone. He simply throws out red meat to the packs of Republican-haters that largely comprise the Times' readership, and watches them rip it apart. He's a propagandist, not a thinker.

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