Friday, May 20, 2005

Thomas Friedman Reads My Mind

It's astonishing how much the editorial page of the New York Times has improved since MoDo went on seems intelligence is once again taking root. Today, Thomas Friendman makes some excellent points about the Newsweek fiasco - including the fact that it's about time the Muslim world did some navel gazing of its own. I quote:
We are spending way too much time debating with ourselves, or playing defense, and way too little time actually looking Arab Muslims in the eye and telling them the truth as we see it...The greatest respect we can show to Arabs and Muslims - and the best way to help Muslim progressives win the war of ideas - is to take them seriously and stop gazing at our own navels. That means demanding that they answer for their lies, hypocrisy and profane behavior, just as much as we must answer for ours.

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