Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Finally The Twain Shall Meet

Leave it to the great Claudia Rosett to tie together the two dominant threads of the Newsweek-Koran fiasco; one, how such a poorly sourced story made it into print, and two, why such a story should lead to murderous rampages. As Claudia puts it:
What's really going on here is two stories. One involves Newsweek and the ups and downs of U.S. journalism. The other involves a swath of the Islamic world in which anger, fueled by years of gross political misrule, is a chronic feature of life--seeking to acquire a target. What produced these particular riots was the intersection of Islamic-world furies and that brand of U.S. self-absorption in which no subject is more fascinating to the American media than any possible misdeeds of the U.S. itself.
Can't improve on that (other than to point out, again, that the fascination with possible misdeeds of the U.S. is personified by Chomskyite 'progressives'); well said...

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