Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bob Herbert - It's A Quagmire, I Tell You!

Perhaps attempting to fill the void left by fellow hack MoDo, whose sabbatical mercifully continues, intensely partisan New York Times whiner Bob Herbert assures us that Iraq is, what else, a quagmire. In fact, he manages to use the word quagmire four (4) times in his latest column. In case you missed the point, here's his conclusion:
Whether one agreed with the launch of this war or not - and I did not [no fooling? Who could have guessed?] - the troops doing the fighting deserve to be guided by leaders in Washington who are at least minimally competent at waging war. That has not been the case, which is why we can expect to remain stuck in this tragic quagmire for the foreseeable future.
This is the kind of nonsense that is now a bigger threat to our success than conditions on the ground. Defeatism on the home front must be mercilessly fought, tooth and nail; we are winning, we will win, and Bob Herbert's in desperate need of an attitude adjustment...

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