Sunday, June 26, 2005

Candidate Profile Twenty-Two: Joe Biden

I don't TOTALLY dislike Joe Biden; he takes national security issues seriously, and he understands what's at stake in Iraq. Biden gives new meaning to the old joke about 'most dangerous place in Washington is between ___ and a camera', though; his floating of a 2008 candidacy is hard to understand as anything but a vanity project. Here we go:

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. - official Senate bio leads to an 'under construction' announcement as of this profile date; not a good sign for a candidate who's already declared!

RESUME: 6-term Senator from Delaware; former private practice attorney and New Castle County Council member; adjunct professor at the Widener University School of Law; top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; long leadership history on 'law and order' issues; former presidential candidate in 1988

The real issue with a Biden candidacy is whether a Catholic can win the presidency - no, wait, sorry, I was reading my JFK notes instead. No, the real issue is who, exactly, is Biden's national constituency? The Kossacks hate him (by the way, have you seen Kos's redesign? I liked the old one better (the look - the content is the same ol' crap, either way)), the rank-and-file are indifferent, he's got a plagiarism scandal in his past, and Delaware - well, we love you, Delaware, but your three electoral votes don't exactly make for a 'favorite son' argument.

No, we lose sight of what this is all about if we use reason; this is the gesture of a pompous, self-important Senator, who sees an opportunity to grab more headlines and continue his permanent co-hosting of the Sunday morning talk shows (if it's Sunday, you can bet your a** that Joe Biden is on television somewhere).

There's a reason senators always want to run for President; they are a dreary, arrogant bunch, by and large. There's a reason the electorate nearly always rejects them: they are a dreary, arrogant bunch, by and large. One of the many things we have to be thankful to the Founders for is their foresight in giving us a bicameral form of government. The populist hysterics of the House meet the solemn dignity of the Senate, and somehow the Republic survives. It's nothing short of miraculous, really...

Back to Biden, though...does he have a shot? Sure, anyone has a shot; this is America, after all...but not much of one. We don't need to spend a lot of time here...


UPDATE 07/04/05 10:57 p.m. central:
>I suppose all those 80 million TV appearances have paid off...people are given Biden's candidancy more credence than I think it deserves. Nevertheless, a big bump...


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