Friday, July 01, 2005

The Top Ten Liberal Reactions to the Retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor

10. Say goodbye to our democracy, and hello to our Southern Baptist overlords.

9. This is a very sad day for human rights in the USA.

8. Just as wacko Thomas was Poppy's "screw you" to the black community. [sic] CuckooBananas will put up a "screw you women" candidate to replace O'Connor. Remember, these people think ideologically, not rationally.

We're going to see three nominees here. All will be very ideological, and very right wing. If they get approved, which is very likely, we're going to be f***ed for a long time.

7. Has this moron ever done anything in his worthless life that can be for the good of anyone but HIMSELF? This is terrible....a freaking war criminal who can't be stopped. And now this. What a horrible day in America.

6.This is going to boil down to "My God is better than your God." Or, to paraphrase: "My beliefs are better (or more right than) your beliefs."

Wait and see.

That's what is at the core of the abortion issue.

Bye bye, right to privacy.

5. I shudder to think of the damage that Bushco will do as a lame duck. With no care except getting in their last looting wherever they can, no consequences, and no sense of ethics, they will be tossing hand grenades around the Oval Office as they carry off the furniture.

Executive orders to cancel all environmental regulations... free pardons for Kenny Boy and Scooter... they're gonna strip this country down to its axles and leave it up on blocks.

4. A tyrant like Bush will never let go of power. He will bring us all down for his selfish purposes. His lust for power will grow with his illegitamcy [sic]. He really believes he is doing the right thing, the Christian thing. Wait until he gets to the pearly gates and meets Jesus. Our dear leader is in for a surprise.

Opposition to Bush on all fronts is widespread, but not organized enough to stop his maniacal mendacity. His own party will have to bring him down, but that is unlikely. They enjoy power too much and their leadership is as corrupt and dishonest as the leaders in the Administration.

The move toward fascism in America is alive and well and continues unabated.

3. Ya know.. I am getting heart pains (I am NOT old either) literally, am not really even stressed but then I look at my little girls and think about 3 more years and two justices.. and I feel a bit stressed.. I think I am in denail/shock re: how unstressed - stressed I am.. I just know that I am going to start looking at our situation money wise.. looking at what it would take to emigrate to a place like Sweden or antoehr [sic] civilized state where Women are actually RESPECTED and not seen as chattle.

2. ...this is Armageddon for liberalism, the final act. O'Connor is the swing vote, the one favoring compromise. Replacing Rehnquist and Stevens will seal for a generation, what Bush achieves by replacing O'Connor. Since FDR's court-packing scheme panicked the gilded Age SCOTUS in letting the New Deal go forward, liberalism has depended on the court to confirm and support liberal progress as a matter of idealistic principle.

With a SCOTUS led by Scalia and Thomas, atop a Federalist Society judiciary, liberalism will be castrated, impotent for a generation or more. There is no law or program at a State or Federal level, which they could not eviscerate. And, they would. These are people, like our Attorney General, who dismiss the whole body of law and international treaty, which prohibit torture and abuse of prisoners.

Gay rights? Forget it. Due process in criminal matters -- if we are lucky enough to get a Scalia instead of a Thomas, there's an outside chance that at least the formalities will survive. Employment law? You're lucky you have a job!

Roe v. Wade? Will abortion return to a matter of State regulation? Or, will fetuses acquire rights?

And now, our winner!

1. The reaction at my office in nyc [sic] is like 9/11 all over again. no [sic] one can work, people are freaking out.

we [sic] cannot expect anything positive to come from this... we just have to mitigate the horror as much as possible.

until [sic] bush [sic] sends a moderate to the senate [sic], I want a government shutdown. I don't care what the effect is. Every last remaining shred of basic democratic ideals could die because of this resignation.

is [sic] our party redy [sic] to fight? because [sic] this needs to be a no holds barred, all chips on the table, fight to the DEATH.

Ahh, these calm, rational liberals...

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