Sunday, June 26, 2005

Frank Rich Is Certifiably Insane

In my world, the real world, the media asks tough questions about the War on Terror and Iraq incessantly; I just watched Tim Russert grill Donald Rumsfeld pretty hard for half an hour on national television. In the world of Frank Rich, the Bush administration controls the media, public broadcasting, the Internet, and the price of tea in China, all through their unbelievably effective 'propaganda machine' (so effective that the public now thinks we are losing a war that has already been won). And who the hell besides Rich is still talking about Armstrong Williams and Jeff Gannon? Jeez, Frank, earn those big bucks for a change!

The following list is hardly comprehensive (and I'm using my own posts, since the Times hides its stories behind a money-grubbing wall), but it will give some idea of Rich's range:

February 17th: Rich focuses on fake news
May 17th: I do a crudy parody of Rich's focus on fake news
May 21st: Rich does a column focusing on fake news
June 11th: Rich does a column, yep, focusing on fake news
June 19th: Rich, for a change of pace, focuses on fake news
June 26th: Yep, fake news

Wow, Frank, you are a giant among's a neat idea for next week's column: fake news!...

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