Sunday, June 26, 2005

Bono on Meet the Press

Well, I thought the Irish lad acquitted himself admirably. He praised Bush effusively for what he has done, he avoided getting sucked into a position on Iraq or the War on Terror, he challenged Bush and the Americans to finish the job we've started, and he didn't ask for the .7% of GDP (the Jeffrey Sachs plan) from the U.S., but rather a boost to about .3 or .4% from our current .17% (I'm assuming his figures are accurate, he seems quite knowledgable on the subject).

Rumsfeld also appeared, and said the assertion from Chuck Hagel that we are losing the War in Iraq is flat wrong. Rumsfeld said we see all the bad news, little of the good, the volunteer army is alive and well, and while things aren't rosy, it's unrealistic to expect rosy from a war zone.

Let's pray that he's right...

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