Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today's Must-Read: Claudia Says Watch Your Wallet!

The ever-resourceful Claudia Rosett has a piece up on Kofi's latest effort at U.N. 'reform'. Ms. Rosett notes how the threat from Congress to withhold funds has sent Kofi into overdrive again, and she uncovers this little nugget in the latest reform proposals:
...If there is one item in all Mr. Annan's talk of reform that should provoke distinct horror, cold sweats, and mighty fears over the trajectory of the U.N., it is a small cipher embedded in Mr. Annan's tastefully printed and expensively bound proposal for U.N. reform, "In Larger Freedom," Annex item No. 5(d). That would be the proposal that developed countries contribute 0.7% of their gross domestic income to the cause of "official development assistance."
That's the Jeffrey Sachs number, not the number that more realistic folks like Bono are asking for; but what's amazing is that Kofi has, in what has become a very bad habit, co-opted the idea and placed it under the U.N. banner in yet another naked grab for power and money. The man has a lot of nerve, I'll give him that much...

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