Monday, June 27, 2005

Novak On SCOTUS: Bush Faces a Hard Choice

Robert Novak writes today on the Supreme Court, specifically the potential nomination of Alberto Gonzales. Novak says Gonzales would alienate the base, practically pro-lifers, but that all the other possibilities would probably face ugly confirmation fights, so the choice, Novak says, is between the base and a take-no-prisoners confirmation battle. Novak also confirms the new conventional wisdom that O'Connor is more likely to retire than Rehnquist.

Meanwhile, in other SCOTUS news, the Court has just ruled 5-4 against courthouse displays of the Ten Commandments, inside the courthouse, although it allows outdoor displays like the one in my own backyard here in Austin.

The Court also declined to hear the appeals of Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper regarding their refusal to testify to a grand jury investigating the Valerie Plame case (a case in which the aforementioned Novak plays a very prominent role). The case has important ramifications because it impacts upon the confidentiality between reporters and their sources.

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