Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Armando of the Daily Kos: I Set the Terms of the Debate, Dammit!

You know, when I run out of ideas for a post, all I have to do is look over at the other side of the fence, and - whammo! Instant post. Here's Armando at the Daily Kos:
The GOP understands that the real risk for the Roberts nomination is a full and frank airing of his views. Thus, they trot out what they call the Ginsburg Precedent:

Thanks to Barbara Ledeen at the Senate Republican Conference, we have the Ginsburg Precedent: a roadmap for the confirmation of John Roberts. Ginsburg, remember - was not an unknown. She had clear liberal (and very liberal) views. Yet she was confirmed overwhelmingly after just 4 days of hearings. Now it's time for Democrats to treat Judge Roberts with the same amount of deference and respect.

Here comes the pushback. Roberts does not have to answer questions is the GOP line. Roberts does not have to provide full and frank information they insist.

This attitude begs the question, what does Judge Roberts need to hide? Why should he be afraid to state clearly and unequivocally his judicial views?

I tell you what I suspect - he does not want to discuss Roe. And that is unacceptable.
That's not part of the post - that's the entire post. Hilariously, Armando quotes the Ginsburg precedent, and offers not one - NOT ONE - word that refutes it. His entire argument is apparently this:
Well, we knew Ginsburg was for drive-through abortion on demand, the most sacred of all human rights, so she didn't have to answer any questions - but this is different. This guy's a conservative, and he might think differently than I do. And that is unacceptable.
Well done, Armando, what a well-reasoned piece of tripe. You keep on dreaming...and come on back with an actual argument next time...anything less will be unacceptable - do you hear me? UNACCEPTABLE, I say!!!...

In the immortal words of one Bugs Bunny: what a maroon...

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