Friday, July 22, 2005

Et Tu, Ari?

I've long suspected Ari Fleischer has something to do with this whole Plame business, probably in the role of Novak's first source. His name just keeps popping up, plus the timing of his any event, I saw the Fleischer reference in today's New York Times piece, and found it interesting, but I didn't catch the discrepancy, and it's a pretty big one:
From today's Times:

Among those asked if he had seen the memo was Ari Fleischer, then the White House press secretary, who was on Air Force One with Mr. Bush and Mr. Powell during the Africa trip. Mr. Fleischer told the grand jury that he never saw the document, a person familiar with the testimony said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the prosecutor's admonitions about not disclosing what is said to the grand jury.

From a recent Bloomberg story to which Dr. Marshall linked:

On the flight to Africa, Fleischer was seen perusing the State Department memo on Wilson and his wife, according to a former administration official who was also on the trip.

Once again, I'm indebted to Tom Maguire for making the confusing details more comprehensible.

Some say that we on the right should let this scandal go, that we're only feeding the frenzy. Well, we're past that, folks...the liberals are having a field day, and even if we don't say a word, this won't go away until the Special Prosecutor wraps up his investigation and we see where the chips fall...

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