Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some Good Press For Huckabee

Mike Huckabee got some excellent national press today from David Broder, and Blue State Republican is all over it. Broder has a column up titled "The Next Man From Hope?" that heaps a lot of praise on the Arkansas governor. As Broder correctly points out, Huckabee's prospects largely hinge on the mood of the electorate come 2008...if the nation tires of all the emphasis on foreign adventures, and looks inward, Huckabee has a good record on health and education. Here's Broder's conclusion:
By most reckonings, Huckabee is a presidential long shot. But the other day, he got an unsolicited phone call from Harry Thomason, the friend of Clinton's who made the president's campaign biography film, celebrating the Arkansas home town Clinton and Huckabee share. "I want you to know," Thomason told Huckabee, "I've already got a working title -- 'Another Man From Hope.' "

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