Monday, July 18, 2005

Stop What You're Doing...RIGHT NOW!

(Unless, of course, you're a surgeon or a firefighter or...well, you get the picture). Hitchens the Great weighs in on the Rove/Plame scandal, and it's a honey:
The CIA got everything wrong before 9/11, and thereafter. It was conditioned by its own culture to see no evil. It regularly leaked - see any of Bob Woodward's narratives - against the administration. Now it, and its partisans and publicity-famished husband-and-wife teams, want to imprison or depose people who leak back at it. No, thanks. Many journalists are rightly appalled at Time magazine's collusion with a prosecutor who has proved no crime and identified no victim. Far worse is the willingness of the New York Times to accept the demented premise of a prosecutor who has put one of its own writers behind bars.
Need I say read the whole thing?...

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