Saturday, July 23, 2005

On One-Trick Ponies

Larry David has a great life: riches beyond belief from his Seinfeld days, a hit comedy on HBO, a great wife - umm, scratch that last part. Laurie David just can't shut up about the environment; it's literally all she ever writes about. Her latest diatribe tries (with no empirical proof whatsoever, naturally) to convince us that this summer's heat waves are caused by...what warming. Laurie throws out a couple of anecdotes meant to panic everyone, but there's precious little meat on this bone.

To extrapolate global trends from one season's data is, of course, so silly that we've no need to go down that fallacious path. Instead, let me refer you to the brilliant Harvard physicist, and always intriguing blogger, Lubos Motl, where you can get a real education on the issue of global warming and the creaky edifice it's built on. You can learn more from one paragraph of Lubos than you will from Laurie David's lifetime output. Here's a good place to start...

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