Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Do I Really Think?

(About Roberts, that don't want to know what else I really think, believe me). I think Bush made an excellent choice. There are too many true legal experts in the blogosphere for me to fake some longwinded post on the jurisprudence of the man, but let's just say it's universally acknowledged that he is brilliant, his credentials are impeccable, and it really seems like Bush adopted a 'let's take the best man (or woman) for the job' approach, and kind of threw the political calculations of interest group politics overboard.

In the context of the Coalition of the Chillin', let me just say that not since Manhattan was purchased for $24 worth of trinkets has so much been gained for so little. Fili-deal was nothing more than a face-saving gesture to a Democratic Party that didn't have the votes then for a filibuster, and they surely don't now...we let 'em sit at the big boy table, and we got our judges.

Finally, I always take the musings of Michael Barone, perhaps the smartest of all political analysts, to heart, and Barone says Roberts is going the push the center to the other words, mainstream will hereafter move in our preferred direction.

You know, that Chimpy 'Shrub' McBushitler just might be a smart guy, after all...

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