Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kossacks: Now Is the Time For Tolerance and Understanding...

...of those who brutally murder Iraqi, British, and American civilians. I knew it wouldn't take long for the 'Progressives' to ratchet up the anti-U.S., anti-British rhetoric.

Here's LondonYank:
If there are Middle East extremists behind these London bombs, I hope Britain turns again to its better self and reacts with tolerance and forebearance, rather than becoming more like its enemies.

I'm sure Bush would call it weakness to negotiate with groups in the Middle East that oppose US policies there. I would think it shows good sense if Britain now reached out and showed leadership in actually recognising and addressing the many legitimate reasons for Arab world dissatisfaction with the current state of global affairs and US/UK influence in the region.

The problem with this touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy sentiment is that the terrorists aren't asking for negotiations; they are fighting to the death. If that isn't obvious to everyone by now, it never will be.

Here's semiot, just under LondonYank on the same link:
I hope the British have the good sense to sack Blair...
Idiotic...say, semiot, let's reward the terrorists, shall we?

However, from the same thread, we see at least some people retaining their good sense. Here's gradtom:
There seems to be a theme running through many of the posts here that the US/UK somehow "caused" the events of 9/11, the current terrorist attacks in Iraq, or the London attacks of earlier today. This is nonsensical and akin to a schoolchild convinced that the class bully would stop stealing his lunch money if he only walked to school a different way, or acted in a different manner. The point is the bully will keep stealing lunch money, and the terrorists will keep slaughtering innocent civilians, until they get what they desire and then some.
You got it...that's exactly right.

Meanwhile, there's this clown who's blaming the bombing on Dick Cheny for outing Valarie Plame (I'm not joking), and of course, we couldn't get by without the moral equivalency crap, could we?

Here's the best of the batch:
  • Was it the CIA? It's one way to prop up your poll numbers, and wouldn't be the first time the CIA has killed many innocents to promote U.S. foreign policy.

  • Flypaper strategy didn't work.

  • Blair is unable to keep his country safe. Time to elect a new leader.

  • All the 'experts' on tv are claiming that "failed states produce terrrorists", despite the 9/11 hijackers being middle-class/rich Saudis.

  • One sports commentator on tv is all hysterical, claiming that "I skipped out on the last 3 or 4 winter and summer Olympics because, I'll be honest, I just don't feel safe anywhere".

  • God must be angry that London won the Olympics.

  • Cue 'liberals' everywhere comdemning 'horrific, evil terrorists' as if they haven't been responsible for electing U.S. presidents for decades.

  • This attack certainly has a 9/11 air about it - a certain 'unbelievable' factor. Could some low-rent terrorists carry out massive, coordinated attacks in downtown London under the heaviest surveillance the British people have ever known? Not a chance. Who benefits? Who had opportunity?
Enough with these idiots...this is a serious matter for serious people...

UPDATE 11:45 a.m. central: Thanks to Tim Blair for the link...if you're wondering why I even wasted time with this, on such a sad day, let's just say I was in close proximity to something very similar, and it infuriated me...thanks also to Michelle Malkin for linking, and don't miss her excellent coverage (just keep scrolling)...and a thank you to California Conservative, as well...

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