Monday, July 04, 2005

Maguire on The Rove Connection: Not Worried - Yet

Tom Maguire has been all over the Valerie Plame - Joe Wilson 'outing' story from the very beginning, so I anticipated he would weigh in with a lengthy analysis of the latest, and I wasn't disappointed. Tom parses the various denials given by Rove's attorney, and finds there is some wiggle room, but ultimately concludes it's more likely than not that Rove is innocent of the charge of revealing the identity of a CIA undercover operative, based on the information before us.

However, he notes (and frankly, this is more of a concern to me than the bigger charge) that it's still possible that Rove is being pursued for giving false testimony to a grand jury (it's the coverup, stupid!). Read this post, yes, but keep on eye on JustOneMinute for further news and analysis as this thing goes along (with the hat tip going to the just-returned Michelle Malkin)...

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