Friday, July 08, 2005

Note to the Uninformed: Don't Argue With Hitchens

Alas, it's too late for Ron Reagan, as he made the ridiculous assertion that there were not terrorists in Iraq prior to the invasion in 2003:

CH: Do you know nothing about the subject at all? Do you wonder how Mr. Zarqawi got there under the rule of Saddam Hussein? Have you ever heard of Abu Nidal?

RR: Well, I'm following the lead of the 9/11 Commission, which...

CH: Have you ever heard of Abu Nidal, the most wanted man in the world, who was sheltered in Baghdad? The man who pushed Leon Klinghoffer off the boat, was sheltered by Saddam Hussein. The man who blew up the World Trade Center in 1993 was sheltered by Saddam Hussein, and you have the nerve to say that terrorism is caused by resisting it? And by deposing governments that endorse it? ... At this stage, after what happened in London yesterday?...

RR: Zarqawi is not an envoy of Saddam Hussein, either.

CH: Excuse me. When I went to interview Abu Nidal, then the most wanted terrorist in the world, in Baghdad, he was operating out of an Iraqi government office. He was an arm of the Iraqi State, while being the most wanted man in the world. The same is true of the shelter and safe house offered by the Iraqi government, to the murderers of Leon Klinghoffer, and to Mr. Yassin, who mixed the chemicals for the World Trade Center bombing in 1993. How can you know so little about this, and be occupying a chair at the time that you do?

Read the whole piece by Leon H. at Red State, it has a couple of other good Hitchens excerpts. I do have one quibble, however; whether Hitchens still wears the liberal mantle is debatable. Sure, he won't be mistaken for a mainstream Republican with his atheist fetish and his complete contempt for Ronald Reagan, but he despised Clinton (Bill, that is...), too, and indeed called out Clinton bud Sydney Blumenthal's lies during the impeachment hearings. Then there has been his undying devotion to the cause of fighting 'Islamofascism', as he calls it. Hitch may in fact be caught in a neverland of 'man without a party', right now...but I suspect that would suit his contrarian nature just fine.

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