Friday, July 08, 2005

The Plame Affair: Novak's Turn To Feel Some Heat

Lots of folks are none too happy that Bob Novak, who essentially set the Plame leak story in motion, is sitting nice and pretty while Judy Miller is in jail. The obvious implication is that Novak cooperated with the prosecution, although he has, shall we say, been less than forthcoming about his role. Jay Rosen, who continues to astonish with the sheer volume of information and links he can put into a single post, is fed up and recommends what I would like to call the 'Tom Cruise strategy'. In another context, I suggested the best way to punish the big-mouth Operating Thetan is for other Hollywood types to cease professional and social contacts with him.

Rosen suggest that Novak be given the same cold shoulder treatment...but the always vigilant Tom Maguire says, "What about Walter Pincus?". Read more here...

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