Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Worst Piece of Poetry...EVER

Why do I always come across this garbage right after I name my Weekly Jackass? From Karen Finley at Huff'n'Puff:
I feel a deep regret
A guilty sunken pit inside
For our American led war
Our government's lies given to you
The weapons of mass destruction
We have exploited your loyalty
Like some psychotic dysfunctional alcoholic slipping a mickey on his mate
Like some addict Bush seeking assistance from the enabler Blair.
Some God awful codependent process that has gotten out of hand
Take the bottle away from our president. Take the keys away before he drives us home drunk.
Get out of Iraq. Pack up. Your friendship is enabling our wrong ways.

Oh, London town we have tried to stop a war done in our name
Oh, London Town we have tried to end this occupation, this war
The bombings of civilians
100,000 Iraqis dead
1,800 Americans dead
And your dead
How many more?
We are told we cannot leave now
Our Quantanamo Bay, Our Patriot's Act [sic]
Our War
Rumsfield says until 2012
Please beware
Be aware
Take notice
Citizens of World Peace

Somewhere here is a message
Somewhere here is a metaphor
somewhere here is a cosmic web that makes sense of a terrible time
I stay up nights contemplating this.
But nothing ever comes of it.
Our Unbearable Sorrow
Our Unbearble[sic] Grief
London Town
Oh, London Town

Wow - that, I almost lost consciousness there; I'm a little woozy. That just plain stinks...

UPDATE 07/12/05 8:23 a.m. - Welcome to all clueless carnivalians...and to all you Jawaheads...

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