Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reid Says Gonzales is Qualified For SCOTUS

When Harry Reid praises (well, declines to pan, anyway) a potential Bush nominee, what's the story? If we take it as a given (as I think we can and should) that no politican says anything publicly that doesn't have some manuevering motive behind it, what message does this send? Does it mean Reid is scared that Bush will nominate someone to the right of Gonzales, and he's signaling acceptance (with the appropriate amount of posing and preening in opposition, of course), or does it mean he's dead set against Gonzales, and feels the best way to torpedo his candidacy is to give him a sort of endorsement from the other side, as the kiss of death?

Meanwhile, Mike Krempasky looks at the potential impact of a Gonzales candidacy on the base (it ain't good, says he), but Ruben Navarrette, Jr., says the base doesn't like Gonzales because he's not a reactionary. His advice? Bring Gonzales on, this ain't your daddy's Republican party anymore...

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