Sunday, July 03, 2005

A RINO Sightings Preview: Watch Out For the ROPRINOs

I'm about 80% through with the RINO Sightings 4th of July Spectacular, and I think it will be quite enjoyable. Many RINOs are so gung-ho in their RINOness that more than one post was offered; in the interests of fairness, I decided to not include mulitiple posts by the same person in the RINO Sightings.

However, since this is my blo - er, online only web magazine, and I'll do what I want to, by gum!, I've decided to include some of the extra posts as I see fit (it's good to be the king)...

In that spirit, here's one of said references.

First, though, let's be clear: one mustn't confuse RINOs with ROPRINOs (Respecters of Property Rights In Name Only). Searchlight Crusade has been putting some deep thought into solving the crisis brought on by the reprehensible Kelo decision...

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