Thursday, July 07, 2005

Two Unexploded Bombs, Timers Recovered

That's the story from ABC News (hat tip to Real Clear Politics), and that's good news indeed. Nice to have some physical evidence, as well as the avoided mayhem, death and destruction the additional devices would have surely caused. Meanwhile, if you think my post earlier highlighting some of the more ridiculous Kossack reactions was a cheap shot, here's a Democrat, democracy guy (hat tip to the Instapundit), thanking God Kos wasn't around during 9/11:
As a Democrat, I'm very happy that the lefty blogosphere wasn't around much on September 11. Because if they were, and they uncorked the response they are uncorking to the London bombings, Democrats might never be electable again in my lifetime.
You said's an example of the crap democracy guy is talking about, from a Kossack who's finding it hard to give a damn about dead white people (never mind that the victims were multi-racial):

Every godd*** day is a day for mourning -- do we hear all these words when 25 or so civilians are killed by bombs in Iraq? Or let alone the 100,000s of children who die each year from preventable infectious disease -- which could be cured for say $5 billion (contrast with $80 billion plus spent each year in Iraq).

All these governments who sow violence will reap violence. Think of those American and British bombs over Iraq and elsewhere.

Only when every day is a time for mourning and reflection perhaps things will change.

No matter how poor the logic is (i.e., the last sentence contradicts the first, and it's terrorists killing the Iraqis, as well, and yes, we do hear about it, and we do mourn, and we do get angry), the heart of this sort of response is moral equivalence, and this is the disease that is eating at the Democrats through their 'progressive' outgrowth. This sort of mushy-headed inability to distinguish the important facts relating to a particular issue without confusing them with totally unrelated items is ludicrously infantile. This is not a game we can afford to play.

Here are the three areas where people are routinely (don't give me Timothy McVeigh, that's isolated) and currently (yes, there have been similar tactics used in the past by groups as diverse as ETA, the IRA, and the Black Panthers) faced with the deplorable tactics of terror on a large enough scale to cause global concern:
  1. Islamic fundamentalist terrorists (al Qaeda and offshoots) striking unpredictably (today, Madrid, 9/11);
  2. Palestinian militants randomly but more predictably striking Israelis; and
  3. Islamic fundamentalist terrorists killing Iraqis and Coalition forces in Iraq.
Now, I look at that list, and I see something that jumps out at me real quickly. The Radical Left would like you to think it makes me a racist or a bigot that I focus on the fact that all of these killers are Muslims, and that I'm so stupid that I would make the unwarranted assumption that ALL Muslims are killers, or that an American or British life is worth more than an Iraqi one. That's a fallacy that few would fall for.

Equally stupid, though, would be to deny that we are in a struggle with an enemy that has both an identity and a stated purpose: the enemy is Islamic fundamentalism, and its stated goal is to kill the infidel, and the infidel is Western culture. If there is a doubt in your mind that this is the case, you aren't paying attention. Now, we are not at war with Muslims, or Arabs, or Palestinians, as a whole...but we are at war with certain radical elements inside these groups, and it's a war that we simply cannot lose, not Europe, not the United States, and not the Middle East.

The 'progressives' get annoyed that we mention 9/11 so much, and think it's because we want to wrap ourselves in the flag. It's not that: 9/11 was a horrible tragedy, and the worst day for our nation in my lifetime, but it was also a wake-up call; it clarified the situation for those who have the will to see it, and that's why it is our rallying point. It was on that day that we clearly saw our enemy, his intentions, and his surprising reach. Sadly, today we see that face again. Now is not the time to get wobbly is the time to fight harder than ever.

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