Saturday, July 09, 2005

Today's Must-Read: The WSJ on the Dems and Cafta

The Wall Street Journal tackles a subject near and dear to my heart, CAFTA, in an editorial on the large number of Democrats who seem to think free trade is a loser for them, politically. The Journal posits several possibilities (I note with interest honest opposition is not one of them). The two most likely are: partisan posturing to spite Bush, never mind the economy, and the promise by radical, internet-based activists of the Kossack and MoveOn ilk who promise primary challenges for any who dare move to the right of socialism and anarchy. A prediction: the first Democrat to publicly and repeatedly condemn the far-left drift of much of the base will instantly be vilified, of course, but when the dust settles, will in fact move to the front of the pack. Wait...did I just write that? I think I've gone nuts...

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